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Openings at TBC Gastonia

Position: Minister of Worship and Creative Arts

The Minister of Worship and Creative Arts is a full-time position appointed by the Senior Pastor in conjunction with the Executive Board and Personnel Committee.  The Minister of Worship and Creative Arts is the overseer of the music ministry, creative arts, ushers ministry, greeters/hospitality ministry and audio visual ministry.  The Minister of Worship and Creative Arts is Spirit led to inspire the congregation to praise and worship the Lord God Almighty through hymns, songs and musical celebration of worship.  He or she is the chief musician over all musical instruments played within the music ministry. The Minister of Worship and Creative Arts must demonstrate belief in and love for Jesus Christ and the people of God.  There should be evidence that he/she is called and consecrated (set apart) for the glory of God.


The Minister of Worship and Creative Arts will be under the supervision of the Senior Pastor.  The following paid staff positions report directly to the Minister of Worship and Creative Arts: Pro-Team Director; Choir Director and Musicians.



The following are the characteristics and skills required of the individual applying for the role of Minister of Worship and Creative Arts at Tabernacle Baptist Church. The ideal candidate would have demonstrated the following characteristics, skills and abilities:


  • Have a passion for worship, a vibrant prayer life and personal Bible time walking with the Lord.
  • Personal integrity and self-motivation. 
  • Excellent communication, organization, and teamwork skills.
  • Musically gifted and trained to use instrumentation in leading the worship service.
  • Must be knowledgeable of church music and music theory.
  • Must be able to build relationships and work with all types of people, regardless of age, gender or race.
  • Coordinate the selections of music for worship with the pastor’s approval.
  • Must study and be obedient to the Word of God.



  1. Oversee all aspects of the worship service and music ministry which includes all choirs.
  2. Responsible for leading the creative arts ministry, ushers, greeters/hospitality and audio visual ministry and other assigned relevant duties.
  3. Strong leadership and managerial skills; ability to be able to give counsel, guidance and direction.
  4. Enhance the music ministry through proper training; must have the ability to play, direct, teach sectional parts; develop and encourage other talents which may be demonstrated to sustain continued future growth in the music ministry.
  5. Serve as worship leader and assist the ministry team in preparation for all worship services; weekly night Wednesday services and other special services as requested by the Pastor during the week: being especially sensitive to sermon topics and seasonal themes.
  6. Work in partnership with the choir director and musicians.
  7. Plan for Christmas and Easter musicals each year, and other special music events.
  8. Lead musical rehearsals with the youth, mass, men’s as well as the praise and worship team.
  9. Organize and maintain a digital library of church music.
  10. Recommend choir attire for the music department.
  11. Invite various singing artist/choirs to join us during special church events.
  12. Make recommendations and reports to Senior Pastor that will promote and enhance the music ministry.
  13. Coordinate with Audio Visual & Sound Ministry to make sure everything is functioning properly for all worship services. Responsible for sounds checks before all services.
  14. Accompany the pastor on preaching engagements outside of the church & coordinate choirs to accompany the pastor when asked.
  15. Oversee the Drama and Dance Ministries when drama/dance presentations are being planned and rehearsed.
  16. Assist with and provide musical selections for weddings and funerals of church members.


Education / Experience

  • Associates or Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Experienced in organizing traditional and contemporary style worship.

(Incumbent shall be formally or informally trained in vocal, piano, organ and/or a combination of any other musical instrument that is compatible and aligned with the choirs.)

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