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Come Worship With Us!

Every Sunday

Sunday School: 8:30 AM
Worship Service: 9:30 AM

Every Wednesday

Bible Study: 12:00 PM
Bible Study: 7:00 PM

Every Saturday

Intercessory Prayer: 9:00 AM
Bible Study: 10:00 AM


It’s a good idea to arrive about 15 minutes early so that you can find parking. If you have children, we suggest arriving 20 minutes early. There are 5 parking lots of varying distances from the main foyer for you to choose from.

Worship Center: Once you enter the main foyer, you’ll find friendly greeters and signs to assist you with directions to the nursery, classrooms, the sanctuary, and restrooms.

Small Children

Tabernacle has created special worship for Children and Youth. We have staff whose sole responsibility is to help them become what God has created them for and they would love to meet you and your student this Sunday.

  • Birth to 5 years

Children birth to 5 years of age will be registered for the nursery until the call to worship at the front entrance of the worship center.

  • Children’s Church – ages 5-11

Children’s Church will be held only on the 4th Sunday of every month.

Questions? We're Here To Help

Our Mission

We are a diverse Christ-Centered, Bible-Based, Holy Spirit-Led Church Family committed to effective Kingdom building, exalting God through Christ, equipping the saints, evangelizing the lost, and empowering humanity to fulfill their God-given purpose & destiny.

Our Vision

We are committed to expanding God’s Kingdom by impacting the region and the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ: Exalting, Educating, Evangelizing, and Empowering.

Our 7 Core values

1. Holiness unto the Lord
2. Ethical Practices
3. Love for all mankind
4. Personal integrity
5. Honesty in word and deed
6. Accountable Stewardship
7. Moral Purity

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