Christian Discipleship

All classes, locations and meeting times are listed in ‘The Victorious News’ monthly newsletter.

Where should I start?

Newly Born Again
Spiritual Gifts Class

New Members
Adult New Members Class
Youth New Members Class

Sunday Morning Classes

Adult Bible Empowerment
Senior Adult II
Men’s Bible Study
Women’s Bible Class (55 & older)
Golden Year Seniors
Young Adults
Couples (married or engaged)
Principles of Life

Youth Bible Empowerment
Next Generation (9th – 12th grade)
Sons of Light (7th – 8th grade)
Daughters of Esther (7th – 8th grade)
Jehovah Warriors (5th – 6th grade)
Strong & Courageous (3rd – 4th grade)
Jam Club (1st – 2nd grade)
Genesis (Pre-K – kindergarten)
Kidz 4 Christ (infants & toddlers)

Wednesday Classes

Adults — Noon & 7PM
Youth (ages 11 – 18) — 7PM
Children (ages 5 – 10) — 7PM

Saturday Morning Class

Bible Study 10 – 11am