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Children’s Church will be held only on the 4th Sunday of every month until further notice.  The age group for Children’s Church is 5 to 11 years of age.  After Sunday School, parents or authorized persons MUST sign their child in at Children’s Church. There will be no exceptions, CHILDREN CANNOT SIGN THEMSELVES IN.   Parents arriving with youth that have not gone to Sunday School must bring their child to Children’s Church to sign them in.

Signing In: Include the following information at sign-in:  child’s name, parent name and cell phone number.  After the requested information is provided you will be assigned a number. This number will be used to identify your child.  The last name of the child will be written on a name tag along with their number.  You will be given the same name tag and number.  If a parent is required, the last name and number will be flashed on the screen in the main sanctuary.  That parent should report to the Life Center immediately.

Flow of Service: Announcements and Welcome/Bathroom break, Offering, Covenant Prayer, Praise, and Worship, Call to Worship, Invocation, Responsive Reading, Song of Preparation, Preaching, Benediction, Snack Time, Structured Free Time.

Pick Up: Children will not be allowed to leave until an authorized person signs the sheet, their number has been checked off and name tag given back to the Children’s Church Staff by a parent or authorized person.

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