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Come be our guest

Come Worship With Us!

Every Sunday

Worship Service: 10:00 AM

Every Wednesday

Bible Study: 12:00 PM

Bible Study: 7:00 PM


It’s a good idea to arrive about 15 minutes early so that you can find parking. If you have children, we suggest arriving 20 minutes early. There are 5 parking lots of varying distances from the main foyer for you to choose from.

Worship Center: Once you enter the main foyer, you’ll find friendly greeters and signs to assist you with directions to the nursery, classrooms, the sanctuary, and restrooms.

Our Mission

We are a diverse Christ-Centered, Bible-Based, Holy Spirit-Led Church Family committed to effective Kingdom building, exalting God through Christ, equipping the saints, evangelizing the lost, and empowering humanity to fulfill their God-given purpose & destiny.

Our Vision

We are committed to expanding God’s Kingdom by impacting the region and the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ: Exalting, Educating, Evangelizing, and Empowering.

Our Core values

  1. Exalting Christ
  2. Educating and Equipping the Saints
  3. Evangelizing the Lost
  4. Empowering Humanity